About Sid Sir's Math World

Sidhartha Sinha ( known as Sid Sir among students) is an innovator in the field of mathematics and has redefined the teaching techniques and formulas with a whole new conspicuous approach. With the vast experience he accumulated in past, his understanding and knowledge of the syllabus and acquaintance with the pattern of question paper is flawless.

His boundless and unconstrained methods and techniques make mathematics more interesting and easily approachable. His endeavor to create a friendly relation with the students enables them to express better and their problem also gets revealed to greater depth making it more accessible. With his meticulous observations in student's behaviour and body language, he can reach the root of their problem and as a result of which, even weak students can see their graph of performance increasing positive.

Further, being a PGDCA, he implemented and utilised his knowledge of information technology and maintained a nice amalgamation of the subject with today's world. As a matter of fact, he is the first one in this field who applied the concept of on-line booking of his classes through internet, application to home work online and video downloads to enable students understand the concept even when they are away and far.